To many of us, the latest IPCC report on climate change was like a siren going off. Never before have the world’s climate scientists issued such a stark and alarming assessment of the disaster that we are racing toward and how little time we have left to change course.

Meanwhile, in Ontario the new government has yet to explain how it is going to achieve real reductions in climate damaging emissions after cancelling both our carbon cap-and-trade system and many renewable energy contracts. Right now, Ontario simply doesn’t have a plan to achieve the kind of immediate greenhouse gas pollution reductions the IPCC has told us are desperately needed.

But here’s the thing: Ontario is actually in an excellent position to take action. Despite a growing population and growing economy, we have cut our total electricity use by 16% since 2005 by using power more efficiently, thanks in part to our advocacy. We have also eliminated our biggest single source of greenhouse gases – dirty coal-fired generating stations – again thanks in large part to our efforts

Saving energy is as easy as screwing in a lightbulbBut we have to do a lot more and that is why we – with your help – are redoubling our efforts to make Ontario a renewable energy economy. We need to put the pedal to the metal on improving the efficiency of both our use of electricity and natural gas. We need to recognize that the renewable energy revolution is barreling ahead – let’s get back on board. And we have to make a lot more of our vehicles zero emissions.

One key way to quickly achieve results is to “electrify everything.” By moving away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, we can make a real difference for our climate. But we can’t do this by relying on high-cost nuclear power and wasteful energy practices. That’s where you come in – you can help us promote solutions that achieve double bottom line results – lower bills and lower emissions by donating to support this critically important work.

By greatly increasing our imports of low-cost renewable power from Quebec and combining this with a shift to smart new technologies like LEDs for lighting, heat pumps for heating and cooling, and smart controls for saving electricity and gas, we can make this transition quickly and cost-effectively. These are far better solutions than waiting another decade or more for the completion of nuclear projects with sky-high costs and risks. Help us make sure Ontario makes the smart choice.

We need solutions now – not decades from now. Our strategy for making efficient use of zero emission renewable power from both Ontario and our neighbours in Quebec is sensible, doable, and critical to our future wellbeing. Please support our efforts to drive these win-win climate solutions forward by donating $50, $100 or $200 today.

Thank you for your generosity. Working together we can move Ontario towards a 100% renewable energy future.

Angela Bischoff, Director


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