We need your financial support today to help Ontario become a climate leader once again by moving to a renewable future while lowering our electricity bills.

In an era of rapid change, the Ontario Government seems more interested in taking this province backwards than forwards. It has torn up renewable energy contracts, cancelled incentives for electric vehicles, introduced a new climate plan that doesn’t add up and dropped rebates for home and school retrofits, all while doubling down on high-cost 1950’s nuclear technology. And their latest push for SMRs (small modular reactors) promises to waste more billions of dollars while delaying real climate action.

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance has been working hard to ensure that the people of Ontario understand the true costs of these backward decisions. We have documented the steadily rising cost of nuclear electricity and the cost savings available from making a deal with Quebec. We have pushed for retention of strong energy conservation programs and opposed building more high-cost nuclear projects. We have built a case for the community benefits of moving away from nuclear – from stopping the build-up of dangerous radioactive waste to opening up lands for waterfront revitalization in Pickering.

The nuclear industry is used to having the government’s ear to itself and is very worried about any unbiased examination of the true costs of nuclear power. It is particularly alarmed about any consideration of increased cooperation with Quebec, knowing it simply has no way of offering similar benefits – from price to reliability. 

But with your support we’ll continue to use our respected research to show how Ontario – and our climate – can benefit from a system that combines high levels of energy efficiency, cost effective made-in-Ontario green energy, and water-power imports from Quebec. We will use our powerful outreach to engage Ontarians in asking why the government refuses to look at the true cost of nuclear projects while bashing lower-cost green energy.

And with your help, we will continue to build our vision of a 100% Renewable Ontario.

Please support this critical work by making a charitable donation: click here now.

We also ask that you consider becoming a monthly donor; monthly donations help us maintain consistent funding and help you budget your giving and its impact throughout the year.

Together, we can ensure Ontario embraces a renewable future!

With appreciation,

Jack Gibbons, Chair          
Angela Bischoff, Director

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