May 15, 2008

Frank Klees MPP enters power plant debate

Support for taking another look at the best way to meet Northern York Region’s power needs grew yesterday when Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees called on Energy Minister Gerry Phillips to revive the Northern York Region Working Group.

Klees stated that “Before a multi-million dollar decision is made that will affect our communities for generations to come, it just makes good sense that we should make sure that we’ve considered all the options available to us.”  In particular, he called for the government to give greater consideration to the potential for small-scale combined heat and power facilities to meet the region’s power needs.

“We should be encouraging and providing incentives to businesses large and small, hospitals and government buildings to make the switch to technology that’s available to us and has been used with great success in other jurisdictions for years,” Klees said. “Not only is it clean, it affords a degree of self-sufficiency that is simply not possible through the central grid.”

Join the call for a sensible power solution in Northern York Region.  Email Energy Minister Gerry Phillips at and ask him to revive the Northern York Region Working Group and give it a mandate to advise on the best mix of conservation programs, demand response initiatives and small-scale clean power generation to meet Northern York Region’s future needs.

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