You’ve stood by our efforts to phase out coal and create a sustainable future in Ontario. Thank you for that! We need your financial support now more than ever.

Our goal is to move Ontario to a 100% renewable energy future because this will actually serve our province well with new jobs, lower energy bills, clean air and a healthy environment.

A big part of the puzzle is electrifying everything from buildings to vehicles. The technology to achieve this is advancing rapidly – from highly efficient heat pumps for buildings to electric vehicle technology that is taking the world by storm.

But if we rely on high-cost nuclear energy to power this future – as Ontario is doing – we are most likely to fail. The high costs and poor performance – not to mention massive radioactive waste problem – of nuclear is a major barrier to a successful shift to a broader use of electricity.

Fortunately, we have better solutions: import low-cost water power from Quebec and combine it with deep energy efficiency efforts as well as supports for low carbon technologies. These would deliver zero emissions energy at much lower cost, making them a huge win for our province.

This is how we can change the energy paradigm – by showing that a move to a renewable energy future with electric vehicles can lower our energy bills and grow our economy.

Your support can help us make Ontario a climate leader once again.

Please consider contributing to the smart, innovative work of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance today. Your dollars will have a powerful impact in our hands. Click here.

Thank you so much for your support of our work, and blessings of the season to you and yours.

Jack & Angela

Jack Gibbons, Chair and Angela Bischoff, Director