On Tuesday, October 25, 2022 the federal government is expected to announce financial subsidies to Ontario Power Generation for building a new reactor at the Darlington Nuclear Station.

According to energy expert, Amory Lovins, “the more urgent climate change is, the more we must invest judiciously, not indiscriminately, to buy cheap, fast, sure options instead of costly, slow, speculative ones. Only this strategy saves the most carbon per dollar per year. Anything else worsens climate change.

It does not make sense for federal taxpayers to subsidize the cost of building a new nuclear reactor in the GTA when energy efficiency, wind and solar energy, and Quebec waterpower can reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas pollution at less than half the cost without creating radioactive nuclear wastes that will last for hundreds of thousands of years.

Please ask Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, why he believes that federal taxpayers should subsidize the cost of a new nuclear reactor in the GTA.