Premier Wynne may be literally sitting on the answer to Ontario’s gas plant problems.

In the Whitney Block building that contains the Premier’s office, there is a steam plant that heats various buildings around Queen’s Park. It is a perfect example of outdated energy infrastructure that could be made much more efficient. By converting this plant to a combined heat and power (CHP) system, Queen’s Park could make much more efficient use of the natural gas being burned there and reduce the need for gas peaker plants to power its air conditioners in summer.

Using CHP systems is just one of 7 ideas we have for how Premier Wynne can remake Ontario’s electricity system as a lean and efficient service machine. These 7 steps are the key to unlocking cost savings, increased productivity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario. We hope the Premier will act on each and every one of them.

Seven steps to unlock Ontario’s energy efficiency potential:

  1. Get serious about reducing peak electricity demand by aggressively marketing the under-used peaksaver program;
  2. Help homeowners improve comfort and efficiency by ordering energy utilities to develop home retrofit programs with low-cost on-bill financing;
  3. Pay industrial and commercial customers to save by paying them up to the same amount for a kilowatt hour saved as we pay for power from the Bruce A reactors (7.4 cents per kWh);
  4. Import low-cost water power from Quebec;
  5. Stop wasting natural gas by developing CHP systems in factories, hospitals, universities, and commercial buildings;
  6. Phase out the Pickering A & B Nuclear Stations, which are among the most expensive to run reactors in North America; and
  7. Make the Darlington Rebuild Project prove its worth by levelling the playing field with other sources of supply or efficiency. If it can’t win a fair fight, it’s out.

Please tell the Premier you support our Seven Point Plan for reducing Ontario’s electricity system costs and keeping your power bills in check. Send her a message here. Thank you…