September 29, 2006

Get hot with the sun

Did you know that solar hot water heating can meet up to 60% of the average home’s hot water heating needs?  Yes, even in (increasingly less) wintry Canada, the sun’s rays can make a big contribution to helping you reduce your home’s greenhouse gas and other emissions.  Find out more in our online chat with Bob Fisher of EnerWorks on Monday, Oct. 1st from noon to 1 p.m.  Just head to and click on Ask the Expert.

And remember, a fully installed solar hot water system is just one of the great prizes available in our Go Clean and Green contest, which is now in its final weeks.  If you’re already taking part, think about what you can do to increase your points and your odds.  And if you haven’t taken part, think about how you’ll be kicking yourself when you see that nifty new solar system on the roof of your neighbour who did. Just head to to enter.

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