How does a weekend at Niagara’s luxurious Inn on the Twenty and dinner at the local gourmet inspired On the Twenty restaurant sound?  Or maybe you’d like to spend a few days exploring the beautiful countryside of Prince Edward County, with a stay at the cozy but sophisticated Devonshire Inn or the ultra modern Inn at Huff Estates?   These are just some examples of the more than 40 luxurious Ontario inns you could be choosing between if your name is selected in our first PeakBuster’s contest draw this Monday.

The odds of winning are great thanks to our large prize line-up and all you have to do to enter is sign up with your utility’s peaksaver program (there’s still time to make that call!) or take other energy saving actions if you don’t have central air.

By signing up for the peaksaver program, which allows your utility to reduce the energy demand from air conditioners on peak electricity demand days, you are contributing to phasing out coal, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing smog emissions on some of our worst air quality days.