February 12, 2015

Getting Ontarians moving while saving them money

The Ontario Government is looking for ways to stretch its budget while investing in long overdue infrastructure improvements, like expanded transit and safe bridges. 
Here’s the idea we have submitted: Refocus our electricity system away from high-cost nuclear and toward lower cost water power imports from Quebec.  You can help us demonstrate strong public support for this sensible solution by giving it the thumbs up at: https://talk.ontario.ca/idea/getting-ontarians-moving-while-saving-them-money
By cancelling the already over budget Darlington Re-Build Project, the province can free up $12.9 to $32 billion of government money that can be invested in transportation infrastructure instead.
Meanwhile, signing a long-term electricity contract with Quebec to replace power from Darlington would save electricity ratepayers $14 billion over 20 years.
Transmission system upgrades needed to take full advantage of the low-cost power Quebec has available would cost only $500 million – a cost that would be paid back in less than a year through electricity bill cost savings.
Investing in a more flexible and lower risk electricity system can pay off with lower electricity rates and greater resources for needed infrastructure investments in other areas, such as transit.
For more information, please see Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan: A One Year Review.