The Government of Ontario has posted a draft regulation requiring Ontario Power Generation to cut the greenhouse gas emissions from its coal-fired generating stations by 67% by the end of 2010.  This is a big step in the right direction towards a complete phase out of Ontario ’s No. 1 industrial source of greenhouse gas emissions.  Please express your support for this draft regulation by going to and search for “Ontario Regulation 496/07”.  The deadline for submitting comments is Sunday, June 15th.

Of course, we can eliminate the use of coal in the electricity sector entirely by 2010 if we increase our use of clean renewable power, get serious about conservation and efficiency, and use cleaner generating sources, like highly efficient combined heat and power. 

You can do your part by ensuring your central air conditioning unit is equipped with a peaksaver device that will temporarily reduce air conditioning use (you won’t even notice the difference) during peak power periods when coal-fired generating stations are often running full out.  Sign up for peaksaver with your local utility and you could win one of $10,000 in prizes in our PeakBuster contest – all the details are at

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