Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner has challenged the Liberal and NDP leaders to follow his lead and sign on to our plan to phase out polluting gas-fired power by 2030.

As the Green Party leader points out in his letter to the other opposition leaders, the government’s current weak climate action plan will be even further undermined by a huge increase in the use of gas-fired electricity generating stations.

While the Ford government has torn up hundreds of contracts for zero emission renewable energy and cancelled energy conservation programs, it has done nothing to address a huge planned increase in the use of fossil fuel energy – an increase of more than 300% by 2025. In fact, the provincially owned Ontario Power Generation just spent close to $3 billion buying gas-fired generating stations instead of investing in renewables.

Mr. Schreiner is right that Ontario’s current approach essentially means abandoning all hope of even meeting Ontario’s weak current climate pollution reduction targets. In fact, it would mean losing more than one-third of the greenhouse gas emission reduction gains Ontario realized by phasing out its dirty coal-fired power plants.

There is a desperate need for strong climate leadership in Ontario and we join Mr. Schreiner in calling on NDP Leader Andrea Horwarth and Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca to endorse the phase-out of our gas-fired power plants. Please email the other two opposition leaders right now and ask them to support our call for a phase-out of Ontario’s gas-fired power plants by 2030. Click here.

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And please thank Mike Schreiner, Green Party Leader, for his leadership on this issue. ph. 416-325-4664,

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Angela Bischoff, Director

P.S. Join OCAA and Hamilton350 in a webinar on Tues. July 28, 7 – 8:30 p.m. EST to learn about Ontario’s planned 300% fracked gas ramp up.