May 25, 2011

Green Party endorses clean energy options – what about Tim Hudak?

The Green Party of Ontario has just released its 2011 election platform , which endorses a number of low cost options to move Ontario towards a clean and green electricity grid at a reasonable cost including:

  • Water power imports from Quebec;
  • Re-instating the home energy savings program as part of a comprehensive Green Building Program; and
  • Small-scale, high-efficiency natural gas-fired plants that produce both heat and power.

The Green Party’s platform also proposes to protect our pocketbooks by prohibiting nuclear power companies from passing their cost overruns onto electricity consumers and taxpayers.

Please contact Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner and congratulate him on his excellent proposals to move Ontario towards a clean and green electricity future at a reasonable cost.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is holding its policy convention this weekend. Will PC leader Tim Hudak deliver an equally compelling set of policies to protect Ontarians from the rising cost of imported fossil fuels and out-of-control nuclear spending?

Please email Tim Hudak (cc me) and ask him to also endorse these pragmatic options to keep our lights on while protecting consumers from future nuclear cost overruns.

Thanks for your help moving Ontario towards a sustainable electricity future.

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance

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Phone 416-260-2080 ext. 1
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