Last Friday the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, whose traditional territory includes the site of the Bruce Nuclear station, voted overwhelming against Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s) plan to bury nuclear waste next to the station.

OPG CEO Ken HartwickOPG’s CEO, Ken Hartwick, immediately announced that OPG will respect the Saugeen Ojibway Nation’s request and not proceed with its plan to build a Deep Geological Repository on the shores of Lake Huron. This sets an excellent precedent.

Last week Pickering City Council voted unanimously to request that OPG dismantle the Pickering Nuclear Station “as expeditiously as possible in line with the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency” after it is shutdown in 2024.

We hope that OPG will respect the request of the Pickering City Council. 

Immediate dismantling of the Pickering Nuclear Station after shut-down in 2024 will create multiple benefits for the City of Pickering including:

1. Permitting most of the Station’s 600-acre prime waterfront site to be returned to the local community for revitalization by 2034.

2. Permitting the people who currently work in the station to be involved in its dismantling.

3. Creating 16,000 person-years of employment in Pickering between 2024 and 2034.

4. Enabling the City of Pickering to become a world leader in nuclear dismantling and decommissioning.

When the Pickering Nuclear Station closes, the total radioactivity of its spent nuclear fuel, which is stored on-site in six conventional commercial storage buildings, will be 200 times greater than the total radiation released to the atmosphere by the Fukushima accident in 2011.

Given that it may be many decades before an off-site location for Pickering’s nuclear wastes will be in service, we hope that OPG will move as expeditiously as possible to build above-ground, attack-resistant, reinforced-concrete vaults for safer on-site storage of Pickering’s spent nuclear fuel until an off-site facility is in service.

Please contact OPG CEO, Ken Hartwick, [ and cc] and ask him to respect the wishes of Pickering City Council and dismantle the Pickering Nuclear Station as expeditiously as possible after it is shutdown in 2024; and to create above-ground, attack-resistant, reinforced-concrete vaults for safer interim storage of Pickering’s spent nuclear fuel.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you.

– Angela Bischoff, Director

P.S. If you live in Pickering, please consider distributing this leaflet to your friends and neighbours. They’re free. Order them here.

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