Thanks for registering for our webinar about the cost and climate advantages of heat pumps. The recording of the webinar is now posted for viewing.

There was also a lively discussion in the Q & A box, with 125 questions answered live by our team of experts. We have summarized the questions and answers here.

We’d like to thank our terrific experts – Heather McDiarmid, Gil Amdurski, Victor Hyman, Keith Burrows and Erik Janssen – for volunteering their time for this.

If you’d like to support the work of the Clean Air Alliance to promote climate-saving technology and move Ontario to a 100% renewable energy system, we would welcome your support!

Here are some useful links to further information:

NRCAN’s Greener Home Grant

HRAI contractor lookup tool

Heat pump case studies

Heat pump primer

Heat pump economic studies

Simple savings calculator

Spreadsheet (editable) for calculating potential savings

Heat Pumps in Canada

Why heat pumps can make your home more comfortable than gas furnaces

General info about heat pumps and how they work

General info on heat pumps and process and a bit about air-to-water systems

Guide to reducing noise from heat pumps

Sustainable Technologies reports on heat pumps and other technologies

TRCA is looking for homeowners interested in heat pumps in Peel for a special pilot program with additional incentives

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