April 2, 2009

Help Improve the Green Energy Act

Ontario’s Green Energy Act (GEA) could change the energy landscape in Ontario (it can be viewed by clicking here). But right now the Act is still missing two important elements:

· It needs to ensure a level playing field for renewable energy sources by banning the costly practice of allowing nuclear power companies to pass their capital cost overruns on to electricity consumers and taxpayers. Renewable power suppliers cannot pass on their capital cost overruns. The GEA must end nuclear energy’s special deal.

· It should encourage the more efficient and sensible use of natural gas by creating a feed-in tariff (guaranteed price and terms) for combined heat and power projects. The more efficient use of our limited natural gas resources will help Ontario make the transition to a 100% renewable electricity grid.

You can make a difference. The Ontario Legislature is currently holding hearings on the proposed GEA. You can make a written submission (a letter will do) by sending it to: Mr. Trevor Day, Clerk, Committee on General Government, Room 1405, Whitney Block, Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M7A 1A2; Trevor_day@ontla.ola.org; or fax 416-325-3505. Deadline for submissions is April 22, 5 p.m.

For more on what needs to be done to truly make the Green Energy Act the best it can be, see our short background paper at www.cleanairalliance.org/gea.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you.

Jessica Fracassi, Communications & Membership Director
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