Help make low-cost water power from Quebec a Liberal priority
Right now, the Ontario Liberal Party is asking for your ideas on how to build a better province. They’ve created an online “Common Ground” forum to discuss ideas like how to create a sustainable energy system. So we’ve given them one: Import low-cost water power from Quebec and save more than $1 billion per year compared to the cost of rebuilding the aging Darlington Nuclear Plant.
If you’d like to save money with safer water power from Quebec, click here to join the discussion in the Common Ground forum and vote for our idea. You can comment too.
With demand for electricity falling thanks to improvements in efficiency, renewable energy costs plunging, and our neighbours grappling with a rapidly growing power surplus, this is the worst time to lock into high cost nuclear mega projects. By combining water power imports from Quebec with cost-effective investments in conservation and efficiency in Ontario, we can retire the aging Darlington and Pickering Nuclear Stations and lower our electricity bills. Click here to find out more.
Forward this to your friends and family to help make our idea “hot” and help convince Premier Wynne to adopt our common sense solution.

Thanks for your help!