December 8, 2011

Help Ontario break free from nuclear

The Fukishima nuclear disaster sent shock waves – and radiation – around the world. And, of course, this disaster is far from over, with radioactive leaks and contamination continuing to this day.

The one positive outcome of this terrible tragedy is that much of the world has learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of nuclear power. Germany and Belgium have declared they will phase out nuclear power, and many other countries are following suit.

But not Ontario. Here, energy planners remain determined to spend upwards of $80 billion on dangerous and unnecessary nuclear projects – including new reactors at Darlington, and rebuilt reactors at Bruce and Darlington – despite reams of evidence that nuclear is the highest cost and highest risk option for keeping our lights on.

With public support for nuclear power at an all-time low, there has never been a better moment to turn the page on nuclear power in Ontario. Help us seize the opportunity to push Ontario in a cleaner and safer energy direction. Your financial contribution to our campaign to secure a 100% renewable energy grid in Ontario can have a world-changing impact. We now have a critically important window of opportunity to push forward better options, like made-in-Ontario green energy, increased energy efficiency, and water power imports from Quebec, but we can’t do it without your support.

It’s easy to despair. Today, however, we are at a turning point where Ontario could embrace a sustainable energy future by ending its multi-billion-dollar entanglement with nuclear energy. Help us make this breakthrough happen by donating to our efforts to make Ontario the next jurisdiction to declare an end to the use of nuclear power.

Here’s to a nuclear free Ontario. Thanks for your support…

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Outreach Director
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