How Hydro One can help – not hurt – people in Ontario

Hydro One’s decision to invest in a U.S. utility that is part owner of one of the country’s largest coal plants certainly won’t do anything for the people of Ontario. In fact, this investment will just contribute to the growing climate crisis and flies in the face of the extraordinary efforts Ontario made to end the dirty coal era here.

Instead of spending its money on dirty coal, Hydro One could actually help the people of Ontario by investing in energy efficiency and improving its ability to trade power with Quebec.

Ontario still has enormous untapped efficiency potential according to the Independent Electricity System Operator, and Hydro One can help millions of residents lower their bills while also earning a tidy profit bonus for its actions. Similarly, the utility could expand its transmission ties with Quebec to allow us to import more low-cost water power. Again, lower bills for Ontario customers and guaranteed profits for Hydro One.

We’ve outlined the benefits of this approach in our new report: Setting Hydro One’s Priorities Straight

We are calling on Premier Wynne to amend the Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act — which made burning coal for power generation illegal in Ontario — to stop Hydro One from investing in coal elsewhere. Help us send the Premier a message about maintaining climate leadership and clean air by signing our petition calling for Hydro One to stay out of the coal business.

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With appreciation,

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director