There’s a hum in the air – one that seems to get a little louder each summer. It’s air conditioning season and many people’s electricity bills will be climbing as temperatures soar.

So what happened to that 12% cut in hydro bills that Premier Ford promised more than a year ago? Absolutely nothing. In fact, the Ford government has stubbornly stuck with one of the worst decisions of the former government – doubling down on high-cost nuclear power instead of taking Quebec up on its offer to sell us low-cost water power.

Instead of seizing this chance to save billions of dollars, the government is busy slashing away at everything from education and libraries to health care and autism funding. Our new pamphlet is aimed at telling Ontarians that we don’t have to silently endure these painful cuts. We have a much better option – save billions by signing up for Quebec power at one-third the cost of power from rebuilt reactors.

The world is rapidly moving from nuclear and Ontario’s stubborn refusal to read the writing on the wall is also going to be costly for our economy – not to mention putting a big roadblock in front of efforts to address climate change. We spell out why in our second new pamphlet that calls on the Ford government to get with the times and embrace a 100% renewable future.

Please help us distribute these great new pamphlets to your Ontario friends, family, coworkers and communities. They’re free! Order them here. Thanks for helping us get the word out.

No need for cuts

 Will Ontario be left behind?






Angela Bischoff, Director

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