July 27, 2006

Hydro One gets onboard with energy savings

Hydro One has jumped on the peak power saving bandwagon with a new program to help its customers in York Region, Uxbridge and Bradford-West Gwillimbury reduce their electricity demand during peak periods.

Hydro One’s smartstat program will give its customers in this area a free intelligent thermostat that can be remotely controlled by both Hydro One and the customer.  On hot summer days (like today) when power demand from air conditioning soars, Hydro One can turn up these thermostats by up to two degrees (for a maximum of four hours) to cut the need for dirty coal power imports or from Ontario’s own dirty coal-fired power plants.  You can sign up at www.hydroonenetworks.com/smartstat.

This is exactly the kind of smart program that Ontario needs to phase-out the use of dirty coal.  Using coal to generate electricity on days when climate conditions are ripe for smog creation makes no sense, especially when electricity demand can be dramatically curbed with a flick of a switch.

If your utility still hasn’t jumped on the peak power saving bandwagon, contact them and ask when a program will be available in your area.

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