May 28, 2014

It’s Election Time – Let’s Shape the Debate

Election time is the best time to bring up issues you care about with all the candidates. Quebec is selling its abundant water power to the U.S. at rock bottom prices. Ontario could lower our electricity bills by up to $1 billion per year or more just by importing water power from Quebec rather than rebuilding the Darlington Nuclear station.
Here are several ways you can influence the political discussion over the next 2 weeks:
  • On Tues. June 3, 6:30 – 8 p.m. an Election Leader’s Debate will be broadcast on all the major TV stations. They’re inviting questions from the public. You can submit your question here.
  • Rogers TV is hosting debates in many ridings. Find out when and tweet your question in advance here (use the drop down menu, upper right corner, to find your town).
  • Print this poster and tape it to your mailbox. Bring up the issue when candidates come knocking.
  • Attend all-candidates debates in your riding and ask questions.
  • Order copies of our election leaflet to drop in your neighbours’ mailboxes. They’re simple, concise and free!
  • Read responses to our all-party questionnaire.
  • Vote on Thur. June 12.
Thank you for helping shape the debate!
Angela Bischoff

p.s. Last week on The Agenda, energy reps from each of the 4 major parties sparred over electricity policy. They addressed in detail their party’s positions around importing water power from Quebec as an alternative to rebuilding the Darlington nuclear station, and they addressed conservation and electricity prices as well. Watch it here. And read the T.O. Star piece about water power from Quebec here