November 6, 2008

Join David Suzuki and Margaret Atwood

The Ontario Government is apparently having a hard time getting nuclear companies to agree to take responsibility for cost overruns and delays on its proposed new nuclear projects. That’s not surprising given that the nuclear industry has not been able to bring a project in on-time or on-budget in Ontario in 25 years. But it is bad news for Ontario taxpayers and ratepayers, who are already on the hook for an $18 billion nuclear debt. If the Ontario Government is serious about not repeating the mistakes of the past, it must pass a Nuclear Cost Responsibility Act that makes it illegal for nuclear power companies to pass their capital cost overruns onto electricity consumers or taxpayers.

Dr. David Suzuki and Margaret Atwood are among the more than 700 people who have signed our petition calling for a Nuclear Cost Responsibility Act. We need hundreds of more signatures to show Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman that Ontarians will not accept another sweetheart deal for nuclear projects of dubious value. Please sign the petition, get your friends and family to sign and learn about a better approach to meeting Ontario’s energy needs at

Sign the petition now – – to keep your money out of the nuclear industry’s pocket.

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Thank you.

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