As many states and countries embrace the green revolution and develop new climate saving technologies, Ontario has revived an old tradition that is doing our climate a lot more harm than good — over the last 18 months the province has once again become a net exporter of dirty coal power, even sending coal power south to U.S. customers on our worst smog days.

While power export profits may look good on Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s) balance sheet, they look a lot less attractive to those of us who are paying the environmental and health costs of burning coal. In fact, based on studies prepared for the Ontario government, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance calculates that coal-fired power exports in 2006 were responsible for more than 100 deaths, close to 200 hospital admissions and more than 65,000 minor illnesses (e.g., asthma attacks). Even if OPG rebated the full profits it earned from exports in 2006 to consumers, the result would be a token 77 cent per month bill reduction for the average residential customer.

These exports were fuelled by coal powered plants that are the swing source for electricity production in Ontario — when demand rises, so does output from coal plants (to see this for yourself, check the coal output monitor on our website at

If you think 100 lives and thousands of illnesses are not worth 77 cents a month, please ask Premier Dalton McGuinty to keep his promise to ban non-emergency coal-fired power exports. Premier McGuinty can be contacted at

You can also help us spread the word about the high price Ontario is paying for coal-fired export profits. Order our new “Coal fired power exports: Not worth dying for” pamphlet to distribute to your group or community. Just go to to order your free copies.

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