This is Ontario’s 30th smog day of the year and the summer is officially only six days old. So there is no better time than this to be a Peak Buster. By reducing demand for electricity on peak demand days like today, we can eliminate the need to keep our dirty coal plants operating and fouling our air — and climate — just when we need cleaner air the most.

Altruism (and the need to breathe) aside, we understand that we all do a little better with a little incentive. So now you can win one of our great Peak Buster t-shirts by taking part in a six question pop quiz on our website. And because we know you all read these bulletins closely and carefully, we expect to have lots of winners, so we will be giving away five t-shirts a week for the rest of the summer.

So click over to and click on the t-shirt to take part in the quiz. And don’t forget to check out all the great advice about how you can be a Peak Buster while you’re at it.

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