Good news — the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) reports that it has now contracted for more than 10,600 MW of new electricity supply. This is equivalent to 165% of Ontario’s current coal-fired generation capacity! Given that the vast majority of this new supply will be online within the next two to three years, it is now well within our means to phase out our dirty coal-fired electricity generation by 2010 and keep the lights on.

Unfortunately, the OPA is recommending that we should continue to operate our dirty coal plants until 2014 for domestic purposes and to make electricity exports to the United States. This unnecessary four-year delay will be costly for our climate and our health.

Please contact Ontario’s new Minister of Energy, Gerry Phillips, at and ask him to act now to develop a strong plan to phase out dirty coal-fired electricity generation by 2010 — because action on climate change can’t wait!

For more information, please go to our website at and download our new fact sheet, Knocking Out Coal by 2010: Because action on climate change can’t wait. And help us spread the word about this tremendous opportunity for Ontario to show global leadership on climate change — you can order fact sheets to distribute in your community or workplace from our website at

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