Let’s choose energy efficiency!

Our latest pamphlet calls on Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to choose energy efficiency over a costly and a high risk rebuild of the Darlington Nuclear Station.  We can get the same energy from improving the energy efficiency — and comfort — of 2.3 million homes as we will from rebuilding the Darlington Station, but it will cost less than half as much — $16 billion for retrofits vs. $35 for Darlington.  Every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone vastly over budget (on average, by 2.5 times) and been finished behind schedule.  Instead of looking for a place to bury tonnes of radioactive waste, we can enjoy lower utility costs and more comfy homes if we choose home retrofits over another nuclear boondoogle.

Tell Andrea Horwath today that you want her to stand up for energy retrofits and against wasting money on rebuilding Darlington.

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