May 20, 2008

Liberals knuckle down on coal

The McGuinty Government is proposing an important amendment to its regulation requiring an end to the use of coal at the province’s four remaining coal-fired generating stations by 2014.  In keeping with the Premier’s election commitment to reduce coal use by 67% by 2011, the Government is now proposing to make this a legally binding requirement for the Nanticoke, Lambton, Atikokan and Thunder Bay power stations.

This is an important step forward on the road to achieving a 100% coal phase-out by 2014 and we need to support the government’s proposed amendment.   Ensuring that coal really is a thing of the past by 2014 – if not sooner – is vital to achieving action on climate change in Ontario. 

You can register your support for this amendment by visiting: (click the “Submit Comment”  button in the right-hand sidebar under “Contact”).

Or go to and search for “Ontario Regulation 496/07”

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