August 1, 2006

 Lick Global Warming

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is partnering with Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream kings, to help Canadians Lick Global Warming.  This Thursday, Ben & Jerry’s will be hosting the kick-off event for their campaign to encourage Canadians to take steps to reduce their contribution to climate change.  Jerry Greenfield (the Jerry in Ben & Jerry’s) will take the stage with OCAA chair Jack Gibbons in the Toronto Dominion Centre Courtyard in Toronto’s financial district to serve up some advice on combating climate change as well as, of course, some delicious ice cream.  In fact, the event promises to build the biggest ice cream sundae ever created in Canada starting at 12:30 p.m. 
Of course, we wouldn’t want you to leave feeling guilty about eating all that free ice cream (did we mention the free ice cream?), so we are also asking everyone to take the Lick Global Warming pledge at to do your part to reduce your energy use.  You can get all kinds of great ideas on things you can do – and earn a chance to win great energy saving prizes, green power or an iPod nano – on the OCAA’s Go Clean and Green contest site at
Phasing-out Ontario’s four remaining coal plants could help the province achieve 50-80% of the emission reductions it needs to meet its 2010 Kyoto targets.  That’s a big bowl of greenhouse gas emission reductions, but it won’t happen if the McGuinty government puts off the coal phase-out past 2009.  Climate change is a serious and growing threat and the McGuinty government has still not explained what it will do to offset emissions from Canada’s No. 1 greenhouse gas emitter –  the Nanticoke coal-fired generating station –  or Ontario’s other coal plants in the wake of its decision to indefinitely postpone the coal phase-out.
So we all need to do our part – and keep the pressure on for Premier McGuinty to do his.

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