The lights appear to be coming on for the governments of Ontario and Quebec when it comes to seeing the mutual benefit of increased electricity trade.

Following the second joint cabinet meeting held by the two governments last week, Ontario announced that “On energy, the provinces took another significant step in their partnership by signing an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] that will explore the potential for increased trade in electricity to provide savings to Ontario ratepayers and help meet Ontario’s energy needs through Québec’s clean and renewable electricity supply.”

According to Premier Wynne , “We are committed to concluding a long-term agreement to purchase clean and affordable energy from Quebec.”

A long-term water power agreement with Quebec has the potential to reduce our electricity bills by $14 billion to $52 billion over twenty years by permitting Ontario to cancel the high-cost Darlington Nuclear Re-Build Project.

According to Ed Clark , former CEO of TD Bank, the Darlington Re-Build “is a project which carries enormous risks. Cost overruns can dwarf any savings which can be had elsewhere in the system.”

Congratulations to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Premier Philippe Couillard on working together to end electricity separatism.

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Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director