Looking for a champion at Queen’s Park

Premier McGuinty and Tim Hudak have been very clear that they plan to spend tens of billions on new nuclear projects.  Ontario Power Generation has already given SNC-Lavalin a $600 million contract just for the planning phase of the Darlington rebuild, which, when complete, could top $35 billion – dollars that could otherwise be spent on energy efficiency, green energy, health care and education. Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has sat on the fence on this issue.

Currently, the NDP is saying they will wait to see the “business case” for the Darlington rebuild before making a decision.  But OPG has always fudged the numbers on nuclear repairs and rebuilds, which is partly why every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone massively over budget – on average by 2.5 times. With nuclear projects around the world over-budget and behind schedule, it is very clear that it is almost impossible to accurately predict the costs of these dangerous mega-projects. We have safer and cheaper alternatives available now.

We need a champion at Queens Park to say NO to more nuclear boondoggles, and NO to the Darlington rebuild. And we think Ms. Horwath can be that champion.

If you’d like to encourage the NDP to take political leadership on this issue, and clearly position themselves against all new nuclear projects in the province, please order copies of our new leaflet, $35 billion to rebuild the Darlington nuclear station vs. $16 billion for 2.3 million home energy retrofits – Which will Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath choose? They contain postcards to Ms. Horwath, asking her to choose a green electricity future and say “no” to the proposed Darlington Re-Build project. Distribute them to your friends and neighbours. They’re free! Order them online here.

Help us stop this nuclear madness in its tracks, before more billions are wasted. Thanks for your help!

P.S. If you live in Toronto and would like to help us canvas subway stops and neighbourhoods from the Beaches to High Park, please contact me.