September 30, 2011

Make your vote count for the environment

We’re a week away from the provincial election, the leaders debate is over, and voters are now seriously considering where to place their X.

To help you make an informed choice, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance has joined with 20 other Ontario environmental organizations to produce a report card on the parties’ environmental platforms. We have also conducted follow-up video interviews with three of the parties (the PCs declined to be interviewed).

Find out where the parties stand on issues like action on climate change, green energy, clean air, nuclear energy, and protecting wild species and spaces. Check out before you vote.

– Angela Bischoff

P.S. Also, please order our free election pamphlet, The Billion Dollar Question That Tim Hudak Needs To Answer, and distribute it to your friends, co-workers and neighbours door-to-door. With just a week until Election Day, we need your help. And if you haven’t already done so, please send Mr. Hudak an email asking what his position is re: nuclear cost overruns. The other 3 parties have said that they will not allow nuclear companies to pass their future nuclear cost overruns onto you and me, but Mr. Hudak has thus far declined to tell us where he stands.

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