Mayoral Candidates Survey
Leading candidates support combined heat and power for Toronto’s hospitals & multi-residential buildings

June 2, 2010 – Joe Pantalone, George Smitherman, Rocco Rossi and Sarah Thomson support the installation of natural gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plants in Toronto’s hospitals and multi-residential buildings to help meet our electricity needs according to their responses to an Ontario Clean Air Alliance mayoral candidates survey released today.

Combined heat and power (co-generation) plants use natural gas that is currently just used for heating to simultaneously produce both heat and electricity.

According to Joe Pantalone, “Co-generation should be a key element of local and district power systems because it is not only efficient but significantly reduces energy consumption.”

According to George Smitherman: “My environmental plan will include an action plan that specifically maps out, promotes and facilitates development of CHP opportunities. We need to generate more of our own low-impact or zero-emission electricity and with the new framework provided by the GEA [Green Energy Act] I believe that Toronto Hydro is a very important strategic asset in this regard.”

According to Rocco Rossi: “While I intend to monetize Toronto Hydro if elected (with the proceeds being used to build green infrastructure such as expanded mass transit), I support this initiative….With respect to combining heat and power, we should not only look to hospitals, residential buildings and factories, but broaden our targets to schools, convention centres, public pools, airports and sports arenas. It’s a win-win approach.”

According to Sarah Thomson: “This is one of the many reasons why I do not support the sale of Toronto Hydro. If we sell it, we have no say in how it is managed.”

It has been three years since then-Minister of Energy Dwight Duncan directed the Ontario Power Authority to develop a standard offer program for combined heat and power projects in Ontario, which is still not in place. Many Toronto hospitals lack sufficient back-up power to remain fully operational in the event of a provincial blackout.

Joe Pantalone and Rocco Rossi also believe that the Government of Ontario should direct Ontario Power Generation to put its coal plants on standby reserve and only operate them if they are absolutely needed to keep the lights on.

Rob Ford and Giorgio Mammoliti did not respond to the survey.

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