April 16, 2012

McGuinty puts fox in charge of the chicken coop

With its decision to appoint Murray Elston, former president of the Canadian Nuclear Association, to review Ontario’s electricity sector, the McGuinty government has put the proverbial fox in charge of the chicken coop.

Ontario’s “nuclear at any cost” mentality is the No. 1 reason for increasing electricity bills and the $20 billion debt that you pay for every month on your electricity bill.

Asking a nuclear booster to review the electricity sector is like asking the president of General Motors to review Toronto’s transit needs. Maybe it’s some sort of eco prank (after all, they did announce it late on the afternoon of Friday the 13th), but whatever the motivation, this decision needs to be revisited immediately. In fact, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath should insist that the electricity sector review – which she made a condition for her support for the provincial budget – should be carried out by an impartial and credible person, not one of the nuclear industry’s BFFs.

Please send Ms. Horwath a quick email here.

Thanks for your help!

Angela Bischoff

p.s. If you haven’t already done to, please order bulk copies of our new leaflet Let’s Cut Some Real Waste, with postcard to Energy Minister Bentley – they’re free, informative, and give people an opportunity to have their voices heard on this critical issue.

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