July 21, 2006

McGuinty’s Energy Vision Blackout

The McGuinty energy plan to rely on coal and nuclear to meet the province’s future power needs simply will not stand up to independent scrutiny.  This simple fact helps to explain the government’s exhaustive efforts to prevent a full environmental assessment of its misguided plan to continue to subsidize expensive nuclear and dirty coal power for its friends in heavy industry.
Our new report, Ontario’s Energy Vision Blackout, examines the key assertions made by the government in defending its decision to indefinitely postpone the coal phase-out and increase our nuclear generation capacity by almost 25%.  It finds that the government’s plan is built around five dangerous myths, including that nuclear power is a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that dirty coal can be cleaned up with end-of-pipe scrubbers.
The report also lays out a simple but comprehensive alternative plan for addressing the province’s short-term and long-term electricity supply gaps, phasing-out coal and avoiding the need for new nuclear power plants.
The OCAA plan highlights the fact that Ontario actually has many options available to meet our electricity needs because we have failed to aggressively pursue both energy efficiency and conservation and very efficient natural gas-fired combined heat and power.
We believe the McGuinty Government needs to come clean and subject its plan to a full environmental assessment so that an independent panel of experts can determine if this is really the best way to spend $70 billion of public money.  If you agree, please contact the Premier (once again) through his feedback website at www.premier.gov.on.ca/feedback/feedback.asp or by calling 416-325-1941.
You can download a copy of Ontario’s Energy Vision Blackout from our website at www.cleanairalliance.org .

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