Following last Sunday’s alarming wake-up call about the Pickering Nuclear Plant, there is an important opportunity coming up for you to have your say about what should be done with this aging facility.

An important motion calling for the immediate dismantling of the Pickering Nuclear Plant after shutdown in 2024 will be voted on by  Pickering Town Council on Monday, January 27th , 7 p.m.

This motion, put forward by Councillor Maurice Brenner and Regional Councillor Kevin Ashe, recognizes the many benefits of immediately dismantling the plant after closure in 2024, including safety, jobs and an opportunity to repurpose the plant’s 600-acre waterfront site.

Please attend the meeting to show your support for removing this 50-year-old nuclear station after shutdown rather than leaving it sitting on the waterfront for another 30 years, as Ontario Power Generation intends. Let’s fill the room to show that residents care about their waterfront, job creation and the safety of their community.

Please also consider making a delegation at the Council meeting on Jan. 27. This is your chance to make your voice heard to your elected Mayor and Councillors. You can sign up now. You don’t have to be an expert, just a concerned citizen.

If you can’t attend, please let Mayor Ryan and your Councillors know you support the Brenner-Ashe motion. Click here for their contact information.

And be sure to sign and share our petition calling for Ontario to adopt the International Atomic Energy Agency best practice and embrace immediate dismantling.

You can also spread the word by distributing our new pamphlet to your friends, family and neighbours. Just email to request free copies.

Thank you! See you on the 27th.

– Angela Bischoff, Director

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