Last month, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) completed the demolition of what was once the largest coal-fired electricity generation plant in the world – the Nanticoke station on Lake Erie.

For decades, Ontarians (and our neighbours to the south) lived under the plume of heavy metals, smog-building NOx and SO2, and dangerous particulate matter pumped out in the millions of tonnes each year by this gigantic polluter.

In 1997, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance began its campaign which led to the closure of Nanticoke and Ontario’s four other dirty coal-fired generating stations as a way to reduce air pollution and the enormous climate impact of this 19thcentury approach to energy production.

It was a long, hard fight but by 2002 all major provincial parties had agreed that coal had to go. It took another twelve years of documenting the harm being done by burning coal and the benefits of cleaner alternatives, but finally in 2014 Ontario was officially coal free – the first jurisdiction in the world to turn off coal due to health and environmental concerns.

Nanticoke demolished

We’re now using the same effective approach we applied to getting rid of dirty coal to moving Ontario to a 100% renewable energy future. This can’t happen soon enough with evidence of the dangers of climate change growing daily. Meanwhile, OPG, while trumpeting its conversion of the Nanticoke site to a solar farm, just purchased four giant gas-fired power plants and is rebuilding the high-cost Darlington Nuclear station.

We need your support to keep our mighty efforts going. Your donation supports the kind of research and advocacy that moved Ontario away from coal. Help us complete the journey to a 100% renewable future by making a donation today!

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Angela Bischoff, Director and Jack Gibbons, Chair

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