NDP and Green Party candidates in East Toronto ridings are opposed to the proposed East Toronto Transmission Line according to the results of a questionnaire released by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance today.

Education Minister Kathleen Wynne (Don Valley West) stated: “I do not support the idea of a transmission line being built through our community”. However, Minister Wynne did not directly respond to the questionnaire which asked: “Do you believe the Minister of Energy should issue a directive to the Ontario Power Authority, pursuant to Section 25.30 of the Electricity Act, telling it to cancel its plans for the East Toronto Transmission Line; and develop an alternative strategy consisting of energy conservation and small-scale local generation to meet the electricity needs of downtown Toronto?”

The Progressive Conservative leader and candidate in Don Valley West, John Tory; Health Minister George Smitherman (Toronto Centre); Public Infrastructure Renewal Minister David Caplan (Don Valley East) and Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips (Scarborough-Agincourt) did not respond to the questionnaire.

As part of its strategy to increase Ontario’s nuclear capacity by 20% by 2025, the Ontario Power Authority is considering and developing a plan to build the East Toronto Transmission Line to bring more nuclear electricity to downtown Toronto. The East Toronto Transmission Line would start at the Parkway Transformer Station in Markham and move south through Scarborough, Leaside, the Don Valley and Riverdale to the Hearn Transformer Station on the Toronto waterfront.

Read the full responses from the candidates.

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