Scarborough-Rouge River By-Election Candidates responses to OCAA Questionnaire

NDP and Green Candidates support closing Pickering Nuclear Station in 2018

The NDP and Green Party Scarborough-Rouge River provincial by-election candidates, Neethan Shan and Priyan De Silva, believe that the Pickering Nuclear Station should be closed in 2018, when its licence expires, to protect Scarborough families and to lower our electricity bills.

Their responses are consistent with public opinion – almost 70% of those polled in the riding want the station shuttered in 2018.

On the other hand, according to PC candidate, Raymond Cho, “Ontario’s ratepayers will benefit from the continued operation of the Pickering Generating Station up to 2024…”

According to the Liberal candidate, Piragal Thiru, “I support Ontario Power Generation’s recommendation to continue operation of the plant up to 2024.”

To read the candidates’ full responses to the OCAA questionnaire please click here.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is planning to seek a 10-year licence extension, from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which would allow Pickering to continue to operate until 2028 (the station’s current licence expires in 2018). According to OPG, it wishes to continue to operate Pickering until 2024.

The Pickering Nuclear Station, which was originally designed to operate for 30 years, is now 45 years old. It is the 4th oldest — and 5th largest — nuclear station in North America. It is surrounded by more people – 2.2 million within 30 km – than any other nuclear plant on the continent.

Ontario no longer needs Pickering to keep our lights. In 2015, Ontario exported more power than Pickering produced.

Pickering’s fuel and operating costs per kWh are more than double Ontario’s wholesale market price of electricity. As a result, the Independent Electricity System Operator is required to provide OPG with special payments in excess of $900 million per year to subsidize Pickering’s operating deficit.

For more information on Pickering’s costs and alternatives, read Closing the Pickering Nuclear Station in 2018: A Cost-Benefit Analysis at

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Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director

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