May 21, 2014

NDP and Green Party strongly support water power imports from Quebec

In response to our provincial election questionnaire, the NDP and Green Party have agreed that Ontario should seek to negotiate a long-term contract with Quebec for water power imports to lower our electricity bills by up to $1 billion per year or more.

According to the NDP, “Securing Quebec hydro imports and increasing energy conservation are crucial steps to providing real relief from sky-high costs.”

According to the Green Party, it has “long advocated for Ontario to import existing low-cost, clean water power from Quebec. The National Energy Board Act entitles us to negotiate energy imports from Quebec at the same price that Americans are paying. Effective immediately, water imports from Quebec could replace up to 75% of the energy generated by the Darlington nuclear reactor at approximately 1/3rd of the price.”

According to the Liberal Party, “We are open to further opportunities for clean import trade agreements with other jurisdictions when such imports provide clear value to Ontario’s electricity system and are cost effective for Ontario ratepayers.”

In response to our questionnaire, the PC Party referred us to their Million Jobs Plan which calls for importing “hydro from Quebec and other jurisdictions as required”.

To read the full responses to our questionnaire please click the links below:

Liberal Party response

PC Party response

NDP response

Green Party response

So we are more than halfway to our goal of having all four major parties strongly endorse Quebec hydro imports. But we still have work to do to fully persuade the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives that hydro imports should be a first choice, not an afterthought.

Please order our new pamphlet, Water power from Quebec can save Ontario more than $1 billion a year, and distribute it to your friends, neighbours and co-workers before election day. Click here to order multiple copies now – they’re free! Help us frame this election issue.

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Angela Bischoff

P.S. York University is sponsoring a conference about water power imports from Quebec in downtown Toronto on Friday May 23rd. (It will also be live webcast.) The speakers include Jack Gibbons, OCAA; Professor Pierre-Olivier Pineau, HEC Montreal; and Jack Burkom, Senior Vice President, Brookfield Energy. To learn more click here.

P.S.S. Watch a 20 minute video of Jack Gibbons speaking about how water power imports could lower our bills and move us to a green energy future.