January 9, 2006

Federal election questionnaire

NDP, Bloc & Greens Say Stop Subsidizing Ontario’s Nuclear Reactors

January 9, 2006 – The NDP, Bloc Quebecois and Green Party all oppose using federal taxpayer dollars to subsidize the construction or retrofit of nuclear reactors in Ontario according to the results of a federal election questionnaire released by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) today.

For its part, the Liberal Party says it “stands ready to work with Ontario in addressing the province’s energy needs.  It is the prerogative of Ontario, however, to determine what energy supply mix it will rely upon….Canada has invested about $6 billion in nuclear R&D since 1952.  Currently, the government of Canada provides approximately $100 million annually to AECL for R&D.  It also provides some targeted R&D funds ($46 million, last year) for the development of the Advanced CANDU Reactor”.

According to the Conservative Party, “we have not made a decision on this issue.  We will meet with the government of Ontario to discuss its energy requirements”.

Ontario’s nuclear generating sector is currently heavily supported by direct and indirect public subsidies ranging from the more than $15 billion in unfunded nuclear-related debt borne by Ontario taxpayers and ratepayers to provincial government underwriting of multi-billion dollar plant decommissioning and waste disposal costs.  Nuclear construction and retrofit projects in Ontario have consistently run hundreds of millions to billions of dollars over budget and years late in completion.

Broad support for improving renewable east-west transmission grid

The Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the NDP and the Green Party all support the expansion of Canada’s east-west transmission grid to permit Ontario to increase its imports of waterpower from Manitoba, Quebec and/or Labrador.  According to the Liberal Party, “the final decision for how to best meet electricity and environmental needs rests with the provinces themselves; however, should they choose to pursue hydroelectricity projects of mutual interest, they would be eligible to receive federal funding through the Offset System and Partnership Fund”.

The complete responses from each of the federal political parties are available for viewing at:  www.cleanairalliance.org/whatsnew/federalelectionquestionnaire.html.

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