With the province struggling to reduce spending and its deficit, there has never been a better time to ditch the “nuclear at any cost” mentality than now! Ontario has paid a steep price for its fixation with costly and underperforming nuclear energy, including racking up more than $20 billion in debt – and we’ve still got the waste and decommissioning to deal with.

But there are signs that the province’s decision makers are finally starting to waver on their unconditional support for nuclear – the highest cost option for keeping our lights on. Energy Minister Chris Bentley, for example, recently stated that any decision on new nuclear must be “in the best interests of Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers.” We agree! This is a test nuclear simply can’t meet, at least in any unbiased and honest assessment.

Options like improved energy efficiency, water power imports from Quebec, and combined heat and power are many times cheaper and safer than nuclear. So we need to make it clear that the people of Ontario expect Minister Bentley to keep his word and look carefully at other options instead of simply leaping to repeat the mistakes of our past. You can help ensure this happens by distributing our great new pamphlet – Let’s cut some real waste – to your friends, family and associates. They contain postcards addressed to Minister Bentley, and they’re free! The door to a smarter energy future is now open a crack – help us throw it wide open. Order pamphlets with a couple of clicks on our website and be part of a new energy generation!

Thank you. Angela Bischoff