It appears that the Ontario Government remains determined to throw good money after bad by signing a contract for the construction of new nuclear reactors as early as the spring of 2009. These contracts will lock Ontario into high cost, high risk nuclear energy for another 60 years – putting a big barrier in front of efforts to green our energy system. In fact, Energy Minister George Smitherman has essentially admitted that it is impossible to predict the real bottom line on nuclear projects.
We have a better idea: A Nuclear Cost Responsibility Act that would make it illegal for nuclear giants like Bruce Power to pass on their capital cost overruns to Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers. 
We need your support to get the word out about this important fiscal safety net. We have a great new pamphlet ready to print, but we need your support to help us get it into the hands of people across Ontario. 
Every dollar you can give us right now will help us derail the nuclear express train that is about to leave the station in Ontario. Every dollar you donate will help us demonstrate that blank cheques for nuclear are not in the interest of our economy, our environment or our future.
 The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is one of the most effective (and leanest) champions of green energy around. Your dollars will go directly to our work to build a green energy future for our province.
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