October 5, 2006

Not so inconvenient answers

Climate change may be an “inconvenient truth” and that often seems to be the way our federal and provincial governments treat the reality of a rapidly destabilizing and increasingly dangerous climate.  But the simple fact is that Ontario remains in an ideal position to actually tackle the problem that others just gnash their teeth about.

Phasing out Ontario’s four remaining dirty coal plants could bring this province half way or more to meeting our so-called impossible Kyoto targets.  We can start by eliminating the single largest industrial source of greenhouse gases in Canada – the Nanticoke Generating Station – by converting its dirty coal boilers to cleaner natural gas.  Then we can fully exploit the enormous potential for high efficiency combined heat and power projects in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, and other institutions to quickly offset the power coming from our remaining inefficient coal plants.  The result would be a dramatic decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, a more productive economy, and more reliable electricity supplies – nothing terribly inconvenient, in reality.

Our new pamphlet – Nanticoke: Canada’s No. 1 air polluter to keep pumping out pollutants  – outlines how we can all win by ending coal burning at Nanticoke.  But we need your help to get the message out about the advantages of going coal free.  Please help us promote Canada’s best single climate change solution by distributing our pamphlets to your family, friends, schools, neighbours and others.  You can order these free pamphlets online at www.cleanairalliance.org/getin.

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