Congratulations to Patrick Brown on his election to the Ontario Legislature last night in Simcoe North. Now that he has a seat in the house, Mr. Brown can demonstrate truly effective opposition leadership.

We know that Mr. Brown and the PC Party would like to see costs reduced for electricity consumers. During the by-election campaign Mr. Brown told AWARE Simcoe that the “Ontario PC Party would pursue the most affordable energy possible, whether that be hydro power from Quebec, Manitoba, or generation within Ontario.”

We look forward to seeing Mr. Brown hold the government to account on this issue, in particular by insisting that the real costs of the proposed Darlington and Bruce rebuild projects be made public and that the government enter into serious negotiations with Quebec to provide an accurate cost comparison.

Our calculations show that a long-term water power contract with Quebec could lower our energy bills by $14 billion to $52 billion over the next 20 years by permitting Ontario to cancel the high-cost, high-risk Darlington Re-Build Project.

In 1999 Ontario’s then Leader of the Opposition Leader, Dalton McGuinty, started championing a coal phase-out. As result of Mr. McGuinty’s visionary and tenacious leadership, Ontario achieved a complete coal phase-out in April, 2014.

We hope that our new Leader of the Opposition will help move Ontario towards a 100% renewable electricity grid and lower energy bills by championing water power imports from Quebec.

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director