May 4, 2009

Nuclear costly any way you cut it

Nuclear plants are not just costly to build, they are also expensive to operate. Put aside for a minute the billion dollar repair bills and take a look at the salaries of Ontario Power Generation’s employees released under Ontario’s “sunshine” law requiring public entities to report incomes over $100,000. 

In 2008, approximately 57% of OPG employees made more than $100,000 (click here for the full list). Reading through the list of close to 7,000 employees making more than $100,000, you will quickly see that the majority are involved in the company’s nuclear operations. At the top of the list is OPG CEO Jim Hankinson, who made $2.475 million (that’s 17 times the annual budget of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance).

Nuclear’s bloated costs may be good for those working for OPG, but the rest of Ontario’s residents would be far better off if we replaced nuclear with lower-cost hydro imports from Quebec. Quebec has the power, but Ontario seems to be too busy preparing to write big blank cheques to nuclear companies to pursue the lowest cost options for the province’s consumers.

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Jessica Fracassi, Communications & Membership Director
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