March 27, 2017
Jack Gibbons

Nuclear power is not cheaper than water power from Quebec, Ontario Clean Air Alliance says

To the editor:

Re: ‘Try to solve the most difficult problems, OPG CEO advises UOIT students’, news, March 23

According to the president of Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Jeff Lyash, nuclear power, at 6.6 cents per kWh, is cheaper than water power from Quebec.

Not so.

Last year Ontario signed a seven-year contract with Hydro Quebec to import clean and safe water power for only 5 cents per kWh. More importantly, OPG is seeking to raise its price of nuclear power to 16.5 cents per kWh to pay for extending the life of its high-cost Pickering Nuclear Station and to rebuild Darlington’s aging nuclear reactors. 

So there is no question which is the lower cost option for keeping our lights on, even if that answer may not square with OPG’s interests. 

Jack Gibbons
Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance