Ontario’s nuclear plants are the country’s largest source of dangerous tritium emissions. This radioactive isotope is produced — and released to the atmosphere — constantly by CANDU nuclear reactors. Once tritium is inside us, because we breathe it in, absorb it through skin or consume contaminated food or water, it releases radioactivity in our bodies. Tritium is a carcinogen (causes cancer), teratogen (causes deformations of the embryo during pregnancy) and mutagen (causes mutations to DNA). Even very low rates of tritium exposure can lead to cancer, leukemia, and birth defects.

Find out more about the link between tritium and Ontario’s nuclear plants in our factsheet.


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A pressure tube rupture could lead to a radioactive release or even a fuel meltdown - yet the @CNSC_CCSN is focused on ...finding reasons to allow reactors to continue operating...

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