November 6, 2016
Jack Gibbons

Ontario should be negotiating an expanded energy deal with Quebec

To the editor:

Re: ‘Group wants Pickering nuclear station closed’, news, Oct. 31 

Contrary to Ontario Power Generation spokesman Neal Kelly’s assertions, water power from Quebec can replace all of the Pickering nuclear station’s output that is used to keep the lights on in Ontario. 

According to an OPG benchmarking study, Pickering’s operating costs per kWh are higher than those of any other nuclear station in North America. Its fuel and operating costs alone are 8.3 cents per kWh.

Ontario just signed a modest deal with Quebec to import up to two terawatt hours of electricity per year at a cost of only five cents per kWh. This is barely 10 per cent of the power we could be importing from Quebec using our existing transmission infrastructure. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne should be negotiating an expanded deal with Quebec that will lower our electricity bills and allow us to close the Pickering nuclear station in 2018, when its licence expires. 

Jack Gibbons
Chairman, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

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