Ontario’s peak demand for electricity fell by 4.7% during the summer of 2007 compared to the summer of 2006. Summer is the peak period for electricity use in Ontario, with air conditioners fueling demand.

In 2007, electricity demand in the province reached a peak of 25,737 megawatts (MW) on June 26th. The 2006 peak of 27,005 MW occurred on August 1st of that year.

This 1,268 MW drop in peak demand is equivalent to one-third of the total capacity of the Nanticoke coal-fired power plant. It demonstrates the enormous potential of conservation and load shifting to contribute to the phasing out of our dirty coal-fired power plants.

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance will be presenting Peak Buster Awards to eight Ontario electric utilities that beat the provincial average by achieving demand reductions of 5.3% to 14.5% at the time of the province-wide system peak.

Peak Buster Award Winners


Demand on June 26, 2007 at 4 p.m. EST

Demand on August 1, 2006 at 4 p.m. EST


Wasaga Distribution

21.86 MW

25.56 MW


Veridian Connections

462.20 MW



Woodstock Hydro

74.90 MW

81.28 MW


Hydro Ottawa

1,307.83 MW

1,409.47 MW


Horizon Utilities –St. Catharines

263.79 MW

283.50 MW


Orangeville Hydro

45.87 MW

48.88 MW


Toronto Hydro

4,684.60 MW

4,986.80 MW


Hydro One

3,728.00 MW

3,938.00 MW


The peak demand reductions of each of the Peak Buster Award winners have been verified by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator.

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