The OCAA’s review of the province’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) points to a number of opportunities and problems:

  • Ontario can save more than $14 billion by importing electricity from Quebec rather than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station
  • Transmission system upgrades needed to take full advantage of Quebec water power could be paid for in less than one year from the savings generated by cancelling Darlington
  • Despite promises to the contrary in the LTEP, the province is still assuming 93% of the risk of the Darlington project, which is almost certain to run over budget
  • The Ontario Power Authority is negotiating a secret deal with Bruce Power that could be worth as much as $111 billion, yet the government has refused to commit to a public review of any agreement to ensure it is in the best interest of Ontario consumers and taxpayers.
  • The OPA’s six-year conservation budget is less than one-fifth of the cost of a rebuilt Darlington Station despite the fact that power from Darlington will cost 2-4 times more than power saved through increased efficiency.

Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan: A One Year Review:  English | Francais